The word UPS, which comes together from the initials of the English word "Uninterruptable Power Supply", has become a word we all hear at least once in our lifetime. So what is UPS, or "Uninterruptible Power Supply" in Turkish translation? What does it do? What is the latest point in UPS technology? What should be considered when buying a UPS?

UPS's store the alternative electrical energy received from the electricity network as correct electrical energy in the batteries connected to them. In case of power outage, it provides you uninterrupted alternative electrical energy by using the correct energy stored in the batteries. This is not the only job for UPS's. UPS's also eliminate electrical problems that may come to you from the electricity network. Since the devices connected to the UPS use clean electricity, they are constantly under protection.

One of the most important issues when purchasing UPS is the efficiency of UPS's. What should be understood from the efficiency of UPS's is how much energy is consumed on the UPSUPS's constantly consume energy during their operation and this energy is disseminated to the environment as heat energy. Buying an inefficient UPS will also create cooling costs to the user.

The latest UPS technology accessed today is the UPS technology, which is called "3Level" in English and can be defined as 3-level evolution in Turkish. In this technology, UPS efficiency exceeds 95%. This technology has many other superior features.

In this part of the article, if you examine the DX Series 3level UPS's produced by Tescom, one of the leading UPS manufacturers in Turkey, with a power range of 100 - 400 kVA, you will understand these benefits much better.

Tescom, which produces DX Series 3level UPS's, which are the new generation 3level UPS of Turkey; was founded in 1980 by 3 electronic engineers in Izmir to provide a wide range of power protection products and services in the industry and information sector. Tescom manufactures power components such as static transfer switches, frequency and voltage converters, rectifiers and inverters, as well as a wide range of UPS products. Today, all Tescom brand power electronic equipment is produced by about 20 experienced engineers and more than 250 staff.

The biggest advantage of Tescom is that it is always flexible. In other words, apart from the standard product range, it can design and manufacture according to the needs of the customers with its experienced research and development team. Tescom always manufactures by following the latest technologies in accordance with the required international standards and norms. It has delivered more than 150,000 power electronic equipment to its customers in more than 30 countries on 4 continents with this experience.

The power increase in UPS systems has been overcome by designing UPS systems operating in parallel with each other. For this, planning is required when purchasing the UPS system. However, today conventional parallel UPS systems are insufficient to meet rapidly increasing energy demands. While the need for power increases, parallelizing the UPS's causes economic, logistical and technical problems. These problems have been overcome by developing modular UPS systems.

Generally, Modular UPS systems are systems consisting of UPS modules working in parallel with each other. Generally, the electrical load connected to the UPS is shared equally among the UPS modules. The power of the modules varies according to the brand and models.

The only advantage of Modular UPS Systems is not parallel operation. If we list its general advantages;

  • Thanks to its flexible structure, it is possible to increase power very quickly and easily when needed.
  • Due to power modules operating in parallel, in case of failure, power loss is only as much as the failed power module.
  • Providing very fast and economical technical service due to the easy portability of the modules.
  • Saving energy thanks to its highly efficient structure.
  • Being the most effective solution in narrow places where minimum space is required for installation.
  • Control options and communication options are also backed-up thanks to the power modules controlled independently from each other.

You can examine Tescom's Modular UPS models in detail from the table below.

Tescom Modular UPS Images

If we list some features that highlight Tescom's Modular UPSs;

1-Power Module Flexibility : The total UPS power required can be achieved by using the optimum number of UPS modules, from the smallest to the largest, thanks to the flexibility of power module powers.

2-Parallel Operation : Tescom UPS cabinets can be used in parallel to each other when necessary, allowing access to much greater powers.

3-10.4 inch Touch Screen : Tescom Modular UPSs have the largest screen size screen among modular UPSs in the market. Maximum efficiency on the UPS with its 10.4 inch color and touch screen.

10.4 inch touch screen of Tescom Modular UPS's

4-Low Power Density at 4-cm²: Tescom Modular UPS's 441 (kW / m²) and 0.48 (kW / kg) allow you to reach the greatest power in the smallest area. This allows you to minimize your total purchasing cost.

5-Battery Number Flexibility: Tescom Modular UPSs can work with battery groups changing between 32-44. This offers you flexibility when calculating the battery. It allows you to minimize your total purchase cost and the space required for batteries.

6-Hot-Swapp: You can change the UPS module under load without the need to turn off the UPS or switch it to bypass thanks to the hotswapp feature of Tescom Modular UPSs.

7-Smart Sleep: Tescom Modular UPS reduces your operating costs with its smartsleep feature, which is a technology that leaves the power module on and puts other power modules asleep during peak hours.

Tescom Uninterruptible Power Systems have been in existence for more than 30 years in many different sectors and facilities in order to prevent your daily life from being affected by power outages, and offers the latest technologies in line with trends. We are at your service 24/7 with our Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya centers and our solution partners who support each province.